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Mito listing

Advertising management agency

No budget limit

Operate any budget with a fixed fee!

No contract binding

No binding of contracts such as one-year contracts!

Own account is possible

You can have your own account!

No budget limit! Operate within your desired budget

We have not set a low budget. We will operate within your desired budget. Also, no matter what your budget, the fee is fixed (20%)!

No budget limit
Some agencies have set a minimum budget. BUSCA will operate within the desired budget without setting a low limit. We also flexibly respond to monthly budget changes.
Reliable fee setting
BUSCA sets a fixed fee price regardless of the budget. If the amount is less than ¥ 100,000, the fee is fixed and no fee of ¥ 100,000 will be charged.
* The normal fee is 20%.
Fee consultation is also possible
BUSCA also accepts consultations on fees. Please feel free to contact us, such as "The former agency operated at XX%" and "I want you to reduce the commission amount a little because the budget is large".

No contract binding! Flexible contract terms

The contract is automatically renewed monthly, and there are no restrictions due to the period. It is also possible to suspend distribution for a certain period of time while leaving the contract.
No binding by period
There is no contract binding due to the period. If you wish to automatically renew the contract monthly or cancel it, you can apply for it one month before the desired month.
* We will respond flexibly depending on the situation.
Delivery can be paused
It is also possible to temporarily stop distribution while leaving the contract. Please feel free to contact us, such as "I want you to stop this month because I will spend the budget on production costs" and "I want you to stop temporarily because it is a quiet period".
Reliable non-disclosure agreement
BUSCA has concluded a non-disclosure agreement so that customers can request with confidence. You can also consult with us about adding or modifying the contract details.

Owned by the company! Can be operated with an account

​It is also possible to operate with your own account instead of the agency account! By having your own account, you will be able to "in-house operation in the future", "clarification of advertising expenses", "improvement of cash flow", etc.
Own account merit
Future in-house operation
Customers who are aiming for in-house operation in the future will be able to make a smooth transition by having their own account. Since the account has already been operated for a certain period of time, it can be migrated with data accumulation and achievements.
Clarification of advertising costs
Bringing your own account will clarify your advertising costs. Advertising costs will be billed directly from advertising media such as Google, so unclear bills will not occur. Also, since you will be billed directly, there will be no gap in cash flow.
Account establishment support
Generally, there is a charge for initial account settings for in-house operation. However, BUSCA will support you free of charge if you set up your own account aiming for future in-house operation.
* Some work such as setting the payment method will be borne by you.
  • What is a monitor farmer?
    A monitor farmer is a farmer who uses the service as a monitor for the release of farm direct. Before the release, we will have farmers actually use the service, and we will extract points for improvement and whether there are any problems with the system. As a thank you, we have prepared benefits for the farmers who cooperated as monitors.
  • Are there any costs for monitor farmers?
    Farmers who cooperate with monitor farmers can use it for free for one year from this release. If you wish to use a separate payment function or brokerage service, a fee will be charged according to the transaction amount.
  • What happens after the free period ends?
    After the free period ends, the regular price will be charged. Only those who wish to continue posting will be informed. Please be assured that there is no compulsion to contract after the free period ends.
  • What are special features and interview articles?
    Feature articles are articles organized according to each theme set by Nochoku. By creating a special feature, you can attract the interest of users and strengthen your appeal. An interview article is an article that publishes an interview that can convey the charm of each farmer. The interview method will be conducted in a convenient format for each farmer.
  • What is PR video?
    PR videos are videos that each farmer can use for sales promotion. By using videos for sales promotion, it is possible to conduct more appealing sales promotions. The material for the video will be created by combining images (videos) and text. (Each farmer will prepare the materials.) In addition, it is possible to publish the created video on the farm directly (posting page, blog page, etc.).

Flow to transaction

We will conduct hearings with customers who have made inquiries. After asking about the business content, purpose of advertisement distribution, budget, etc., we will design a distribution plan and if you are satisfied, we will make a contract.
1, hearing
We will conduct hearings with customers who have made inquiries. Experienced employees will do it, so please feel free to ask any questions.
In addition, distant customers can also respond by chatting using videophone.
2. Create a delivery plan
We will create a delivery plan from the contents of the hearing. We will propose the most suitable distribution plan based on the business content, purpose of advertisement distribution, budget, etc. In addition, we will flexibly respond to the addition of keywords after the start of distribution.
3, contract
If you are satisfied with the delivery plan, you will be contracted. Also, if you are in a hurry to deliver, we will give top priority to the schedule, so please let us know. We also accept changes to the content of the distribution after the distribution starts.

Flow after contract

Once you have a contract, we will start preparing for ad delivery. Create an account, set the delivery contents, and start delivery. After the distribution starts, we will continue to operate and adjust the account at all times. We will respond to your request by adding keywords or changing the ad text.
1. Account establishment
Once you have a contract, we will create an account. Basically, we will handle it, but there are some parts that you will be responsible for, such as setting payment information (credit card information registration, etc.). It may take several business days including the examination date.
2. Operation / adjustment
After the distribution starts, we will continue to operate and adjust daily for performance optimization. We are always ready to add keywords and change the ad text. In addition, it may take several business days including the examination for additions and changes, so please request with plenty of time.
3, report
We will report the delivery result for one month in a report. Customers near you can also meet in person. Based on the results of one month, we will make proposals and confirm the delivery schedule (whether there is a sale or campaign, changes in the delivery content, etc.).


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