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  • What is a monitor farmer?
    A monitor farmer is a farmer who uses the service as a monitor for the release of farm direct. Before the release, we will have farmers actually use the service, and we will extract points for improvement and whether there are any problems with the system. As a thank you, we have prepared benefits for the farmers who cooperated as monitors.
  • Are there any costs for monitor farmers?
    Farmers who cooperate with monitor farmers can use it for free for one year from this release. If you wish to use a separate payment function or brokerage service, a fee will be charged according to the transaction amount.
  • What happens after the free period ends?
    After the free period ends, the regular price will be charged. Only those who wish to continue posting will be informed. Please be assured that there is no compulsion to contract after the free period ends.
  • What are special features and interview articles?
    Feature articles are articles organized according to each theme set by Nochoku. By creating a special feature, you can attract the interest of users and strengthen your appeal. An interview article is an article that publishes an interview that can convey the charm of each farmer. The interview method will be conducted in a convenient format for each farmer.
  • What is PR video?
    PR videos are videos that each farmer can use for sales promotion. By using videos for sales promotion, it is possible to conduct more appealing sales promotions. The material for the video will be created by combining images (videos) and text. (Each farmer will prepare the materials.) In addition, it is possible to publish the created video on the farm directly (posting page, blog page, etc.).
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