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From the ingredients, farmers

Would you like to purchase directly?

Industry's first

On the farmer's comprehensive site

Easy search for farmers

Nationwide support

Delivering information to customers all over Japan

Introducing farmers directly

Introducing farmers who meet your needs directly

​Do you have such a problem?

・ Purchasing prices are rising steadily

・ I am concerned about the quality of the product if it is made overseas.

・ Trading companies do not support small lots

・ There is no supplier who is good at

・ I don't have time to look for a supplier


Agricultural direct solution!

・ Direct transactions ・ Introduction of suppliers
・ Easy search ・ Reliable support

Easily search for suppliers with direct farming!

You can easily find a supplier if you are a farmer !
Find a farmer with the conditions you want
From the farmer list
Search by desired conditions
Contact the farmer
Confirmation of conditions, etc.
Start trading

Easy purchase with mail order function

Agricultural Nao can also purchase ingredients on the site. It is troublesome to make inquiries, and it is safe for those who want to try it once with a small amount!
Purchase products on the site
Some mail order​ Not all farmers can buy it.
​Direct delivery from farmers
Easy payment with web payment

Introducing the producer who best meets the conditions for free

​At Nonao, we can ask you what kind of ingredients you want and introduce the producers that best meet your requirements.
Application for use
From the dedicated form
Please apply to use the referral system.
​Condition hearing
From the agricultural direct management office
We will contact you to ask about the conditions.
We will introduce the producers that best meet the conditions. Please contact us as many times as you like until you are satisfied.


2-4192-2 Ishikawa, Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture

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